Frequently Asked Questions

I have been an Alligate user for many years. What has changed?
We're still the same people and Alligate functions as well as it always has. We changed our corporate identity to a name that is better suited to our wider array of products and research areas.

Alligate licensing has changed. Rather than offer various levels of licensing with restrictions on domains and mail servers, we are now only offering one version, the equivalent of the Pro version.

We also lowered the price and no longer require an annual renewal. Instead, a new license will include free updates and support for one year. There is also an optional annual support agreement, but it is not required. If your annual support agreement expires, Alligate will continue to run as normal, however you will no longer be able to download updates or obtain support.
Do you have a trial version?
We have offered trial versions of our various products for over two decades. We are phasing out trial versions for new releases of our software. We value our paying customers, and we feel we need to give them our full attention. While Alligate is not difficult to set up, it is a very powerful application suite and contains a lot of moving parts. Supporting trial version users takes away valuable time we need to devote to our paying customers. We do offer a full 30 day money back guarantee for those that find that Alligate is not what they are looking for.
Is Alligate difficult to set up?
Alligate is delivered as a normal Windows installation executable. Everything installs automatically.

Configuring Alligate will probably take about 30 minutes or so. Alligate is going to need to know some routing information so it knows what domains you process email for, where your email servers are, whether you have backup servers, etc.

You will also need to review other settings that define how strict Alligate scores various actions. Every email server system is going to be different, however we provide some default values that should work well to get you started. You can fine tune everything as you see Alligate in actual use.
Can I install Alligate directly on my mail server or does it need it's own box?
This mostly depends on your particular installation and there are pros and cons for either type of installation. Alligate can easily be run on the same box as a Windows based email server. It is a simple matter of changing the port your mail server listens on.

One thing to consider here is that Alligate will spool your incoming mail if your mail server goes down for some reason. If Alligate is on a different machine, you can safely maintain your mail server without losing any incoming email.
I have 2 mail servers at different locations. Will one Alligate installation work for both?
No problem. We have several customers that provide gateway services for companies with off-site email servers and do this all the time.
How much spam will Alligate block.
Every situation is different but realistically, we feel confident in saying you can expect to block between 80% and 90% of incoming spam. Alligate is designed to run unattended and to achieve a higher rate than that would require a lot more user maintenance.

Over time, your block rate will actually appear to get worse. This is not because Alligate is not working well. It is because Alligate has successfully made the spammer believe that the email address is undeliverable and it gets scrubbed. Spammers buy lists. The people that sell the lists guarantee that the email addresses are deliverable. If we make them believe they are not, they will get removed.

Alligate does a lot more than just block spam however. It provides mechanisms to mitigate numerous types of email annoyances and vulnerabilities.
My mail server already has antispam capabilities. Why use Alligate?
Your mail server was designed to process email and deliver it to users. Alligate was designed to block spam, attacks, hijacked credentials, NDR backscatter, and other mail server abuse.

If you like your mail servers built in antispam system then by all means, continue using it. Alligate can still be used to do the heavy lifting at the front door by eliminating a significant amount of junk before your email server ever even sees it. Your users will be happier too because less will slip through and if they use junk mail folders, they will see less in their folders. Your mail server will have a lot less work to do.
Does Alligate scan for viruses?
No, not specifically. However, because most viruses are spam, Alligate is highly effective at blocking them, and many of them before they even send the actual virus code.
Can Alligate help prevent me from getting on blacklists?
Absolutely! One of the biggest causes of blacklisting is compromised credentials. Spammers can send tens of thousands of emails through your system before you discover the problem.

Alligate monitors outgoing email for each account and if it sees unusual activity, it blocks it before it gets to a level that gets you blacklisted. It will wait until the activity subsides, then will allow that account normal access.

Here is a testimonial from one of our users:

" I’ll also add that since you added the anti-hijack function into the product, we have not been listed on a single blacklist - which is incredible in my mind considering how much work it took previously to stay off the lists and all the work of getting off the lists once on them."
I am a current customer. How do I renew my license?
Over the past 20 years our legacy product system had become so confusing that we realized we had backed ourselves into a corner. We spent a good portion of 2017 evaluating different systems and eventually decided on a combination of things that will work for all our products and provide a much simpler back end.

We are now using a cloud based system for sales and product delivery that links directly with our credit card processing and accounting systems making it an enormous time saver for us.

If you have a current Alligate license, on your next renewal date, simply place an order online as if you are a brand new customer. The price will be less than you paid before for an annual renewal, so you will immediately enjoy a savings there. This will get you into the new system and you will be sent an invoice with a new serial number and private download address. BE SURE TO SAVE THIS EMAIL. The serial number is only required for installing updates, and it will no longer be necessary to enter it into the program. Technical support and product updates are included for one year.

Annual renewals are no longer required, however if you want to continue receiving support and updates, you will need to renew the annual service agreement each year.
How fast will I receive a response if I need support?
We understand that email is the backbone of most businesses and when you have a problem, you need support quickly. Over the past decade we have always done our best to get back to our customers as quickly as possible, especially in critical situations. Alligate support messages are always relayed to our email boxes and cell phones so we'll know within minutes of a waiting message. Response times range from a couple of minutes to a few hours depending on severity and time of day. In no case will you wait longer then a few hours for a response. Please use the "Contact Us" form on this website for fastest response.
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